Guidance regarding Georgia’s Shelter in Place order

As you know, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has issued a Shelter in Place order for our state. We have reviewed the order and believe our current method of operating the chancery is in compliance with this order.

To review our current operating procedures: all employees are encouraged to work remotely. Essential staff who must report to the office should stagger their presence so they can remain isolated while they work. Facilities is taking extra care to clean and sanitize surfaces in the building and is taking care of delivering packages and mail.

I would like to note that we will still observe the days off scheduled for Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday. I know everyone has been working hard and adjusting to new schedules and work environments. I ask that you also take time to observe Holy Week, to rest and to pray. Please be sure to put an automatic reply on your email so people will know you are not working on those days.

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