Let Us Welcome Our New Seminarian to St.Patrick’s


My childhood was spent in Marietta, Georgia, where my father worked as a salesman, and my mother focused mainly on raising my two brothers and I as children, although she continued to work part time in a decorating company.

My family is very sports orientated and I grew up playing football, soccer, baseball, and basketball. Both my dad and my younger brother (who are both taller than me) went on to play college basketball.

After high school, I went to Georgia Southern University for my undergrad and majored in Broadcasting with a minor in Public Relations. I still enjoy doing film work and have a youtube page (Seminary Life) that I keep up with for a hobby. I have always enjoyed reading and I’m constantly searching for new novels. Father Branson has promised to guide me through Dante’s Paradiso this Spring!

After college, I worked for six months making highlight films for football teams before I entered seminary. I have been in formation for the priesthood for the last four years and it has led me to places I never thought I would go, including this parish! I spent this last summer studying Spanish is Guatemala and last Easter in Mexico. I also work at a girls orphanage in Peru every year.

I am doing my best to learn Spanish but I am still in need of serious help. So please feel free to correct my Spanish. I also love to eat so feel free to invite me over to your homes!

I am very excited and honored to be able to serve Saint Patrick’s Parish and I look forward to meeting you all.

God Love You,