Needs List for the South Georgia Relief Effort

Bottled Water

Canned Items:

Assorted Vegetables & Fruits Assorted Meats (chicken, tuna, etc); Assorted Beans, Assorted Meals (chili, spaghetti-o type), Tomato products, Assorted Soups/Broths, Coffee, Powdered fruit drinks.

Dry items:

Assorted cereals; Grits, Oatmeal, Rice; Assorted Pastas; Assorted Pasta Meals Mac & cheese; Jell-O/Pudding; Tea; Powdered milk; Ramen noodles; Individual Juice boxes; Pancake Mix; Instant mashed potatoes; Assorted Pasta sauces;

Assorted Salad Dressings; Assorted Dried Beans; Peanut Butter; Assorted Jelly.

Infant Needs: Formula; Assorted Baby Food; Diapers (all sizes); Wipes.

Soaps Personal Hygiene: Bath Soap (bar/liquid); Assorted Toothpaste/ Toothbrushes; Mouthwash; Shampoo/Conditioner; Brushes/Combs; Assorted razors/kits; Lotions/Creams Skin (Sun) Protection; Creams Assorted; Feminine Products; Hand sanitizer.

Household Items:

Cleaning soaps, polishes, scrubs, window etc.

Cleaning cloths, sponges

All-purpose cleaners;

Paper Towels; Toilet paper;

Laundry Soap; Dish Washing detergents (Liquid/Powder);

Disinfectant Aerosols;

Kitchen related:

Aluminum Foil/Plastic Wrap;

Sandwich/Freezer bags;

Trash Bags – kitchen, heavy duty


Footwear Men, Women and Children all sizes –

Shirts and pants

Light Coats

Boots and shoes

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